Dream Cabins was set up by Nick Straughan (a fully qualified Carpenter & Builder) to build high quality tiny homes. Each cabin is bespoke for the client, great use of space and bags of character.

We have a team of skilled craftsmen to bring your unique tiny home dreams to life. Dream Cabins can build to a wide range of styles and budgets.

Our unique cabins exceed Australian building codes because they are built to last. The quality of finish can be as rustic or as clean as you like.

How to make your Dream Cabin a reality…


  1. Choose a design. A rough sketch of yours or one of our designs can be used as a basis. All we need are the base dimensions, internal wall positions and rough window and door position.

  2. Request a quote. We will discuss the options such as timber or aluminium windows and doors, hand made rustic or modern kitchen cupboards and bench-tops, bathroom and shower fitments, toilet type (flushing or composting), tiles, roof line (eg single skillion or pitched), ceiling style (eg flat and level or exposed beams) etc.

  3. Pay an initial deposit. This will pay for the soil test, cabin building design, chassis and footings engineering as well as energy efficiency assessment. There are still opportunities to tweak the design as it’s being formalised. This will be up to 5% of the total cost.

  4. Engage an install builder & Certifyer. [We will be able to offer this as a fully inclusive package soon.] Any qualified builder will be able to do the job or we can put you in contact with the builders our clients have used before. The install builder will prepare the site ready for delivery and quick installation of the cabin. They can do as much or as little of the install as you like all the way up to dealing with certifyers (council), plumbing, electrician and earthworks. Typically this process is about complying with the rules rather being being granted permission. (This is a separate cost to cus building your Dream Cabin)

  5. Construction begins! There are several stages of completion where payments are due and construction contnues.

  6. Sign off. This is where you inspect your Tiny Home before making final payment. This gives you peace of mind to ensure everything is exactly as it should be.

  7. Delivery & installation. Once you Dream Cabin is complete it’s ready for delivery to your site and connection to any services (This is a separate cost to us building your Dream Cabin).

  8. Enjoy the reality of your very own Dream Cabin.so

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